Area 17

We have a long term relationship with AREA17 providing them with backend development services for most of their Ruby on Rails projects. For more than 5 year we have worked together developing successfull projects.

What the customer wanted?

AREA 17 needed a team of developers to manage their Ruby on Rails projects.

How did we handle the project?

We satisfied such requirement with our development team. Almost all of our staff has been part one way or another in AREA 17’s projects, either developing applications from scratch or constantly working on retainer contracts with them.

Which tools did we use?

As a backend development team we developed these projects for AREA 17:,, and The Creators Project. Burdastyle is a social network for sewing lovers that has more than 500.000 active members. VBS is an online broadcast network that streams free original content 24 hours a day. Motherboard.TV is an online video network and community focused on the exploration of the nature and culture of technology, as viewed through the lenses of curated editorial content, community, and dialogue. We also are doing backend maintenance work on Design 21 and are currently working on a couple of new projects using Ruby on Rails.

The outcome

We have a long te business relationship with AREA 17, being them one of our dearest clients.


  • Ruby on rails.

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