A social network and marketplace for crafty people who love knitting, scrapbooking, paper projects, baking, jewelry, sewing, vintage finds, home decor & more!” is a social network aimed to connect those who wish to show and share their handicrafts, helping others to reproduce them through detailed project instructions, tutorials and image galleries.

In addition to project management and QA process, Insignia built all the application functionalities and the frontend integration of the site.

Craftfoxes was developed with Rails 3, and it has been recently upgraded to Rails 3.2.5. The code has been properly tested with Rspec framework. All the data-intensive features were built using Redis and the search engine was implemented on Sphinx.

Craftfoxes’ frontend work produced valid HTML/CSS code fully compatible with top used browsers, including IE6. The frontend work was delivered by A:BRA, one of our business partners.


  • Frontend and Backend development with Ruby on Rails
  • Social Network integrated with Google Maps API
  • Built for American Overloaded Inc.

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