e-professional is a new marketplace specially created to promote, market and facilitate the work of design professionals and communication.

E-professional is a platform aimed to group together people who is in need of a given service with those professionals that can offer this service through the Internet. The application offers a diverse set of specialities such as graphic design, web design, social media, e-commerce and Online Sales, Marketing and Advertising, plus copywriters and translators, programmers, analysts, legal experts and more.

E-professional owners were in need of a committed development team to support their Ruby on Rails platform and optimize their process.

We took care of the technical direction of this project in order to set up frequent and efficient communication channels, performing exhaustive code reviews/refactoring rounds (including a security audit), implementing a QA process, supporting the application codebase and implementing new features.


  • Each kind of service presents the profiles of a certain number of professionals, each offering different styles, methods, experience, rates, number of possible revisions and delivery lead times.
  • The platform select the best e-suppliers.
  • Allows the overall work satisfaction be manifest by the the customer
  • The user can post their recommendations and reviews
  • The money is held in escrow by e-professionals until the client is completely satisfied with the services rendered. Only then will payment be made to the e-provider.

Our Work

  • Full stack development.
  • Technical Direction.
  • Retainer program.

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