GreenCoin is a peer-to-peer digital asset. The GreenCoin ecosystem is a mechanism for which renewable processes are incentivize. The website manages the producers and assigns green coins to each one according to their CO2 reductions.

Every company must be concerned about their CO2 emission to our environment. The GreenCoin Foundation has anticipated to that and they came to us in search for a company that could help them to create the first free-market based carbon solution!

GreenCoin is an application that has invented a market-based carbon emission offset credit. It’s engage with renewable producers who become part of their network at no cost. GreenCoins are a personal digital assets (just like Bitcoins). Producers receive GreenCoins for their carbon-reduced production which can be held, traded or sold to third parties. There is no cost for being a Producer.

GreenCoin’s biggest challenge was to build a stable platform where all payout transaction can be executed in a secure and precise way. This required us to take the best out of the Ruby language in order to create a set of tools for managing all the information that would be presented with a Ruby on Rails application.


  • Certify and manage Producers
  • Maintain technical aspects of the coin and Producer distributions
  • Provide for accurate carbon emission offset calculations
  • Automated producer signup

Our Work

  • Ruby on Rails development.
  • Deployment process on Heroku.
  • Retainer program.

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