La Gaceta Mobile is one of the the biggest newspapers in Argentina. We developed the mobile web application with a responsive design implementation for them.

La Gaceta SA wanted to do a redesign of his old mobile website with a new version to take advantage of the new features most modern smartphones and tablets have today. It was a great pleasure for us helping them to achieve that dream. We developed the mobile responsive design implementation. In this project we implemented the front-end using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript as well as backend with the CodeIgniter PHP framework.


  • Implementing a mobile website with Responsive versions for different sizes of mobiles and tablets.
  • Integration with the client’s main CMS database to access all information.
  • Deploying the website as a standalone application.
  • Implementing the Ads providers to monetize the platform.
  • Providing a performant implementation for the high traffic the website needed to handle.

Our Work

  • Implementing a new web application to handle all mobile visits.
  • Testing compatibility across a wide range of mobile device.
  • Optimzing requests, database access and caching to handle a heavy traffic load.
  • PHP application with the CodeIgniter framework, connecting to the master CMS from the client.
  • Responsive front end development with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript


  • PHP development.
  • HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design Implementation.
  • Javascript, jQuery.
  • Memcached for in memory caching.
  • Solr search engine for optimized searches.

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