StartHim is an application ​for​ NFL fans​ who want to put their fantasy football knowledge to the test, asking their friends who to start and tally their votes. ​​StartHim tracks each voter's results and​​ compare them with friends and "Experts" predictions.

2014 season NFL season was around the corner and this guy came to us with an idea that needed to be implemented and launched almost immediately. Starthim is an easy-to-use responsive web application where football fans can cast their starters each week and then they can compare these picks with their friends, with the experts in the market, and finally with the real results. Hence, it’s an application we couldn’t resist to work on.

Building this application at record speed required our team to put together a Ruby on Rails application able to pull data through FantasyData’s API, analize it, process it and store it in a MongoDB database so that it can be presented to all the users in the site.

After only one week of hard work, Starthim was successfully launched on NFL’s 2014 week 3.


  • Create a question by selecting two active NFL players.
  • Cast user votes for active questions in the application.
  • Recount statistical data for every question in the application.
  • Update pick winners based on finished game stats.
  • Invite/Accept/Reject user friendships.
  • Connect with Facebook.
  • Connect with Google+.

Our Work

  • Custom made Ruby driver for data synchronization with FantasyData’s API.
  • Ruby on Rails Development.
  • Performance optimizations.
  • Initial deployment process to Heroku.
  • Deployment process to DigitalOcean.

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