Our Team


During the last 5 years, we have successfully faced the challenge of developing highly-traffic sites, gaining experience in merging 3rd party APIs, such as Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, as well as dealing with different payment gateways and cloud based hosting services. For further details, please consult our portfolio.

Aiming to satisfy our worldwide foreign clients’ needs, not only do we provide with a world class team of developers, but also with a specialized and very efficient project management and time tracking, to which our clients have access.

It is also worth mentioning that our geographical position, hence our time zone, facilitates coordinated work with our foreign clients, especially those from the US and Europe. Our experience with Area 17, an interactive design agency with headquarters in New York and Paris, stands as a clear example of our offshore competitiveness.

We are always open and eager to face new challenges. We’d love to learn more about your projects and to be part of them.

Our Quality Policy

We have a strong commitment to completely fulfill the requirements and expectations of our clients in the web app they’re requesting, using agile metodologies as a guide in our sofftware development process. Out strategy pursues the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System, whose pilars are planning, execution, verification and act according the results, in every process until finishing the development of the app. As a work team we base our actions in the following principles:

  • Creativity and innovation, as a part of our daily challenge to continuous improvement.
  • Awareness and responsibility, practicing an error free job and security in the applications.
  • Friendliness in out service and agility in the processes.
  • Cooperative work and integral development of our collaborators.
  • Commitment with the client, ensuring efficiency in the management system.
  • Commitment with our collaborators, providing resources for the effective achievement of the objectives.

Our Mission

Provide our clients with software solutions based on the Internet, to allow them to be at the cutting edge and get a decisive competitive advantage in the market.

Our Vision

To became a national and international model, with a portfolio of successful projects ratifying our positioning as a reliable and responsible company in web application development.

meet our team

  • Carlos thumb

    Carlos Kozuszko

    Managing Partner

    Managing Partner.

  • Juan thumb

    Juan Maria Martinez Arce

    Managing Partner

    Managing Partner

  • 15 thumb

    Magdalena Sanz

    Project Manager

    Project Management.

  • Female side comb o neck 512 thumb

    Florencia Corbalán



  • Lucia thumb

    Lucia Delgado

    Quality Manager

    Quality Assurance

  • Matt thumb

    Matias Moya

    Back-end Developer

    PHP and RoR Development

  • Nico thumb

    Nicolas Cedrón

    Back-end Developer

    PHP and RoR Development

  • Martin thumb

    Martin Villalba

    Back-end Developer

    Back-end development

  • Erika thumb

    Erika Lopez

    Back-end Developer

    Back-end development

  • Marianita thumb

    Mariana Loran

    Front-end Developer

    Front-end development

  • Sebastian thumb

    Sebastian Salvatore

    Back-end development

    Android development